It all starts with the patient evaluation and examination done by our highly skilled and experienced dentists.

General dentistry covers a wide range of procedures

Fundamental to protecting and maintaining a good standard of oral health. Aesthetic dentistry doesn’t only beautify teeth but also your gums and/or bite (occlusion). It’s specifically used to correct damaged, worn or stained teeth that can even extend all the way towards improvement of the function of the teeth in terms of its bite form and force. This includes:

Routine Examinations

Evaluation using diagnostics such as x-rays will provide a thorough inspection of the tissues of your head and neck, jaw joints, mouth, teeth, and gums allowing for accurate assessment and the right treatment plan.

Restorative Treatments

Dental Veneers

Restorations: composite Fillings, Inlays and Onlays are used to treat tooth cavities and caries, which are holes in the teeth. Cavitated teeth are prone to a buildup of bacteria and if not addressed early, further complications such as infection and tooth loss could arise. Many cavities will go unnoticed and show no symptoms until they become much larger.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns: When you have a tooth which is extensively damaged or at high risk of fracture especially after RCT, a traditional filling might not be sufficient to support it for a long term. A dental crown is used to restore the affected tooth. Where a filling will fill a hole in the tooth, a crown is designed to cover the damaged tooth, protecting it from further decay and damage. Crowns are usually done using our CEREC 3D printer in 30 minutes.

Root Canal Service

Root Canal Treatments: When a tooth is badly infected and the bacteria reaches the pulp, a procedure known as root canal treatment (Endodontic treatment) may be performed to preventive the teeth and avoid extraction.


Periodontal treatments: The gum and supporting structures around your teeth are as important as teeth itself maintaining healthy periodontal structures by ranges from routine periodic Scaling and Polishing to more thorough deep scaling and gingival curettage.

Preventive treatment

Preventive treatment is designed for patients of all ages and at every stage of oral health, it is there to prevent diseases before they arise. Tooth loss is more often than not caused by decay and gum disease, which can be prevented with the right treatment. Services include routine examinations and hygiene therapy treatment as well as professional cleaning and polishing, topical fluoride and sealant applications . We support this philosophy by utilizing the latest diagnostic techniques to detect conditions in their earliest stages, which allows you to seek treatment early.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing high-quality dentistry to improve the oral health of the families in our community. We also believe in a personalized experience based on your goals for your smile.

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